Instructions for the Presentation of Free Communications

Deadline for abstract submission: July 26, 2019

Dra. Mónica T. F. Aixalá
Presidenta del 73º Congreso Argentino de Bioquímica
Mónica T. F. Aixalá, PhD.
Congress Chair at the 73rd Argentine Congress of Biochemistry
General conditions:
Free communications shall only be submitted by filling the Free Communications Summary Form on the Congress website. Their presentation and debate will be carried on digitally with the e-poster system.

Abstracts must be sent for evaluation and acceptance no later than 15 July, 2019, through the Congress website. Those received by any other means will not be accepted. You will get an acknowledgement of receipt upon uploading the summary on the website. This confirmation message only means that the work has been received; it neither implies its acceptance, nor its approval.

The abstract of every submitted paper that has been approved by the Scientific Committee will be published in ABA’s magazine: Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology.

Guidelines for uploading the abstracts
1. The word count limit for the abstracts is 2500 characters, including tables. The heading, the name of the author(s) and the name of the institutions involved are not included in such count.
2. The document must include the authors' full name and surname, their city and country of residence, and an e-mail address. Do not mention title or position.
3. It is essential to indicate the field where you would like to include the work:

4. Abstracts should contain the following information: a heading, an introduction, the aim of the study, materials and methods, the results obtained, and conclusions. It is inadequate to state that “The results will be discussed.”
5. Every work will be reproduced photographically on the official magazine of ABA’s Congress. The Scientific Committee will not be responsible for any spelling mistakes. Furthermore, it cannot be held liable for any situation that may arise from the use of the information presented by the authors and/or from any application thereof.
6.Formats for Paper Presentation at the Congress: the works shall be presented as e-Posters.

E-Poster guidelines
E-Posters must be made in PowerPoint® 97 or later versions.
Settings: slide dimension should be 18 cm (W) x 32 cm (H), with portrait orientation
Font: Arial, Verdana or Tahoma.
Font size must be at least 20-pt bold for headings, and 10-pt for the text.
Background color: bear in mind that it is better to use dark backgrounds with a clear close-upfor presentations.
The slide must contain the Heading, the Author(s), the work location, the e-mail address of the first author, and then: the Introduction (stating the aim and the most relevant information for the presentation), Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions.
Do not forget to place the poster number in the upper right corner.
It is not allowed to use animations, sounds or video.
Tables and graphics should be inserted in the Powerpoint presentationas embedded images.
If the presentation requires tables, graphics, illustrations or photographies, make sure they are sufficiently clear and well-distributed in the sequential order they are explained. Each one must have a title.
The date and time of the designated Session for the presentation will be communicated to the first author of every poster that has been accepted by the Reviewing Committee.
The e-Posters that have been accepted for presentation must be uploaded to the Congress website before 10 August, 2019. Do not forget to indicate the number that has been assigned to the work at the time of acceptance. It is essential for us to receive all the e-Posters in advanced, due to editing and programming reasons, in order to be able to ensure the correct display of the works during the Congress. For this reason, and without any exception, those e-Posters that are not timely submitted to accompany their original abstract will not be published.

Premios Asociación Bioquimica Argentina 2019

Fecha límite para envío de trabajo completo 12/8/2019

PREMIO ASOCIACIÓN BIOQUIMICA ARGENTINA 2019 al mejor trabajo completo de investigación en el campo de la BIOQUÍMICA CLÍNICA O APLICADA $ 40.000

PREMIO 73º CONGRESO ARGENTINO DE BIOQUÍMICA al mejor trabajo completo de investigación en el campo de la BIOQUÍMICA BÁSICA O EXPERIMENTAL $ 40.000



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