Dear friends and colleagues,

Dra. Mónica T. F. Aixalá
Presidenta del 73º Congreso Argentino de Bioquímica
Mónica T. F. Aixalá, PhD.
Congress Chair at the 73rd Argentine Congress of Biochemistry
On 3 September 2019, the Argentine Biochemistry Association will be celebrating its 85th anniversary. The experience acquired through the continuing education program -which has been carried out since its foundation- will be put on display once again at the 73rd Argentine Congress of Biochemistry. The meeting will be held at the Panamericano Hotel in the City of Buenos Aires, from 20 to 23 August 2019.

Every congress that has been organized by the Argentine Biochemistry Association is a part of our professional history. As in previous years, one of the objectives of the 73rd ABA Congres is to reaffirm the strategic value of scientific and technological updates. Besides, it will allow colleagues and health professionals to be reunited in a highly scientific context, where they will be able to exchange experiences and strengthen their friendship.

I hereby invite you to be part of this prestigious event!

We have put all our effort and creativity to offer a novel and attractive scientific program. We have selected different activities to represent the different branches of Biochemistry. For instance, there will be a pre-Congress workshop on pregnancy and fetal health, as well as courses, interactive sessions, symposia, conferences, working breakfasts, Health industry presentations, and free communications. These activities are going to be led by renowned professionals with extensive training and experience, who will share their knowledge, ideas and suggestions.

The Pharmacy and Biochemistry Association of the City of Buenos Aires (known as COFyBCF, in Spanish) will provide a space fully dedicated to Professional Practice, whereas the youngest professionals will make their contribution through the Commission for Biochemistry Residency (known as COREBIO, in Spanish). There will also be joint activities with prestigious scientific societies of our country, such as the Argentine Society of Hematology, the Argentine Cooperative Group on Hemostasis and Thrombosis, the Rioplatense Group of Flow Cytometry, the Argentine Group of Laboratories for Patient Safety, the Argentine Society for Diabetes, the Argentine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, and the Protein Forum.

We have a distinguished evaluation jury. Different prizes will be granted at the end of the Congress to reward both outstanding free communications, and the best complete scientific papers submitted, which will be published in the Argentine Biochemistry Association’s magazine: ‘Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology.’ This magazine has allowed scientific knowledge to be spread across the fields of Clinical Biochemistry and Basic Research since 1935.

The motto of this Congress is ‘Limitless expansion.’ It attempts to depict current Biochemistry as a highly dynamic and consolidated profession that has been inserted into society with its own profile. Today, more than ever, this profession is in search of innovative, more sensitive and specific methods for the diagnosis and monitoring of different pathologies, which should be highly beneficial for the patient’s health and well-being.

Those of us who are now responsible for representing ABA, are also committed to maintain its high standards. Therefore, we enthusiastically hope and expect to be able to set up a Congress that honors our beloved profession.

I am looking forward to sharing this new challenge, in which you all play a fundamental part.
Warm regards,

Mónica T. F. Aixalá, PhD.
Congress Chair at the 73rdArgentine Congress of Biochemistry

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